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Our Purpose

Our purpose here at Ernest Partners is our natural being. We are all former bankers and/or CFOs who have gained experience on the other side of the table. Through Ernest Partners, we are putting this experience at your disposal. The linking pin between our partners is the way we value relationships when doing business, delivering durable work and assuring that the outcome is better when working together.

Our partnership has been named after Sir Ernest Shackleton. This Irish Antarctic explorer led three British expeditions to the Antarctic. He was one of the principal figures of the period known as the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. Five learnings from his leadership are fitting the Ernest Partnership values:

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Inspire optimism

Optimism and determination are at the heart of everything we do. When leadership inspires unity, people know they’re valued. We encourage leadership and a sense of responsibility to make a real impact on your business.

Determine a clear, shared purpose

Partnerships are built on common purpose so we align everyone involved. We must be transparent and unbiased to our client, the team and all parties involved to understand the finesse of your business.

Building unity and commitment within the team

How do you ensure that your business achieves a top level performance? By focusing strongly on the well-being of that team without losing sight of the vision and concerns of all stakeholders.

Be flexible with a plan and a backup plan

Our experts build on a shared plan which is flexible as well as agile to adapt to changing circumstances or new information. We constantly continue our search for new methods to achieve your goals.

Making complicated decisions

Driven by solid data and the right arguments, we validate decisions. Thanks to our personal relationship and genuine trust, we adopt tough decisions together.

Our Values

Ernest Partners is built on three essential values: durable, collaborative and adaptative. We operate by these values integrating them in every move we make:

Durable We approach every situation in view of the future

Ernest Partners incorporates a sustainable vision into your intended objectives. We are the drivers of challenge to help us achieve better solutions. Long-term value creation, that’s what it’s all about. Because personal collaboration is the key to sustainable growth.

Collaborative We encourage and trust each other’s contributions

At Ernest we strive for valuable collaborations that unlock value for all parties. We commit to quality by valuing every idea or point of view and success means working as a tight-knit team with our customers and suppliers.

Adaptative Every situation is unique

Change is part of life. People are open-minded. And when circumstances change, you adapt. We get involved in every project, taking our time to listen to the needs and wishes of our customers. Refusing to stick with the status quo, we intend to offer an innovative tailor-made solution.

Our Team

Ernest Partners is your Capital Advisor in Belgium and abroad. We come from different backgrounds and cultures, and we have different talents and skills. We are connected by our passion for expertise and real human value. Our team consists of former bankers and CFOs, who all gained experience on both sides of the table.
It’s our pleasure to share our experience and network with you. The fact that we are striving for the best result is immediately clear. But it is mainly the way in which we value our business relationships and deliver sustainable work that really makes us stand out.

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Managing partner Sebastien D’Hondt
Sebastien D’Hondt
Managing partner Nicolas van Klinkenberg
Nicolas van Klinkenberg
Managing partner Laurent Carlier
Laurent Carlier
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Philippe Fleurier
Associate partner Wim Allegaert
Wim Allegaert
Associate partner David Dumoulin
David Dumoulin
Associate Dennis Dendas
Dennis Dendas
Office manager Tali Chafai
Tali Chafai
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Peter Frijns
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Elisa Renard
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Antoine Thiry

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