How we do it?

Bridge between financiers, your company and your ideas

Transparent communication is always of the essence. How Ernest Partners bridges the gap between a financier and your company? We speak both languages and develop a solid engagement between all stakeholders. Even more, Ernest formulates communication strategies to make the transaction process run smoothly.

Knowledge and expertise

We put at your disposal our in-depth knowledge of the Belgian financial system and beyond. This means we leverage the power of this expertise to fully understand everyone taking part in a transaction: bankers, lawyers, funds and family shareholders. With critical thinking we are able to build trust between all parties involved.

A spectrum of skills

The added value of Ernest expresses as following: Expertise in different type of transactions such as bank financing, capital raising, asset financing, real estate, debt structuring & raising and working capital structuring. We let different teams work on the same project.

We are experienced in…

Ernest Partners is a partnership of experienced bankers and seasoned CFO’s. The partners put their experience at work for our clients, financiers and investors but also for the team members. Experience becomes transmitting knowledge and a learning experience. Ernest Partners has strong expertise in various domains of financing. like working capital financing, asset financing, real estate, senior and junior debt financing.

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