Eco-smart co-working space +

Firstly, our offices are in a co-working space allowing space optimalisation. This building (Silversquare  Delta) is certified BREEAM Post Construction Very Good.  it also has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) score of B- (151 kwh/m²/year). It is equipped with a range of eco-friendly features including a green roof, a rainwater recycling system, solar panels, and charging stations for electric cars and bicycles.

Silversquare is actively pursuing B Corp certification, emphasizing diversity and inclusion initiatives as part of its corporate responsibility efforts.

Fostering climate resilience +

Secondly, we prioritize fostering awareness of Climate Disruption among our team members. We keep the team up to date with the ESG trends through ongoing education and training initiatives.   This year, we remain committed to organizing comprehensive training sessions focused on ESG and climate resilience to ensure our entire team is equipped to contribute meaningfully to our sustainability goals.

Mobility for a smaller footprint +

Regarding our organization,  we carried out a simplified carbon footprint assessment, identifying mobility and indirect emissions as the most significant contributors to our environmental impact. To address this, we promote environmentally friendly transportation options, such as public transit, particularly given that most employees live within close proximity to our offices. Additionally, we are continuously exploring innovative solutions to optimize mobility efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.

Active in social good +

Furthermore, we have a proud history of supporting social initiatives, including events such as walks against breast cancer, initiatives aiding students in coping with academic stress, and mentoring programs for aspiring professionals. Moving forward, we remain committed to contributing positively to our communities and empowering those in need.

ESG in relations with our clients

Our three core values -sustainable, collaborative and adaptive- underpin our approach. They act as a validation process in our decision-making regarding project selection and our execution methods. From project inception, these values are at the forefront of our minds.

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