Advancing sustainability in our services +

Sustainability to us encompasses not only fostering enduring relationships with our clients and maintaining a sustainable business model but also addressing global sustainability challenges.

We strive to raise the climate consciousness among our clients and prospects, and we systematically motivate our clients to work on those topics.

We incorporate ESG considerations into our conversations, presentations, and proposals. Each of our service offerings includes a standard ESG component, aimed at highlighting the significance of environmental and social considerations to prospective clients.

Guiding clients toward green financing +

Moreover, we encourage clients to explore green financing options, such as sustainability-linked loans or green bonds. If they express interest, we assist them in establishing the foundations of an ESG strategy if one is not already in place. In cases where a more extensive strategy is required, we may recommend engaging with specialized ESG consultants for further development.

Investing in sustainable community solutions +

Furthermore, we regularly support impactful projects in their search for financing. Examples include initiatives like establishing co-living spaces for individuals over 55, inclusive housing for adults with mental disabilities, and the development of eco-friendly cleaning products derived from probiotics.

ESG at Ernest

At Ernest Partners, ESG (Environment Social Governance) principles guide our daily operations and client relations. We prioritize People, Planet, and Profit for sustainable growth and responsible business. ESG considerations influence all aspects of our operations, including office environment, team dynamics, and supply chain management.

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