June 25, 2024 Laurent Carlier and Elisa Renard

What ESG actions were taken in 2023, and what are the goals voor 2024?

In 2023, Ernest Partners became even more mindful of the daily significance of ESG.

In this concise blog post, we’ll outline the initiatives undertaken in 2023 and our internal goals for 2024.

In 2023, we engaged in a carbon emissions awareness training organized by Tapio, enriching our understanding of the sources of carbon emissions within our operations.

Additionally, we took part in an Impact Team Building session conducted by Surveco to increase awareness among our team members regarding Climate Disturbance and ongoing ESG trends.

For 2024, our aim is to intensify this awareness. We believe that collective engagement is essential for meaningful progress. Therefore, this year, we plan to take part in a training session centered on the climate mural, stimulating discussions around pertinent issues concerning Climate Disturbance.

The partners at Ernest consider ESG efforts to be highly important and are part of several organizations that promote the implementation of ESG policies and programs in companies, such as 2030 CEO Alliance for Sustainability and Chapter Zero Brussels.

In 2023, we also supported projects with social impact, actively contributing to two initiatives.

Moving forward, we remain dedicated to securing financing for projects aligned with our values and we have the ambition  to implementing two ESG financings : either sustainability linked financing or green financing.

Looking at our supply chain, our objective for 2024 is to establish a procurement policy favoring suppliers with robust climate change approaches.

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